An abandoned dog left behind

Hope For Paws got a text about an abandoned home in the Los Angeles area, and more importantly, an abandoned dog that had been left on the property.

As soon Eldad walked onto the property he spotted Kitty hiding out in the backyard. Kitty was extremely skittish and refused to come close to Eldad but, with a busy road and intense heat, she needed to get out of there. At first, Eldad tried to earn her trust with some food that nearby construction workers had left for her but Kitty took off running and almost went into the street! Luckily, the little escape artist snuck around the neighboring lot and back into the safety of her yard. Eldad knew he couldn’t risk something like that again. Running into the street is dangerous for any dog, but with one as tiny as Kitty, the risks are astronomical! Eldad unloaded his rescue fences and sectioned off the driveway, corralling Kitty into a smaller area of the yard. Slowly, he moved the fences in so the space was smaller and smaller but Kitty started to panic. She got so scared she started jumping around and shaking all over. Eldad had to catch her soon or she might hurt herself. In this extreme situation, Eldad decided it was best to use the net caught Kitty right away. Kitty was still very unhappy and even more unhappy when Eldad tried to put a leash on her. It wasn’t until she was free to roam in the safety of the Hope for Paws truck that Kitty started to calm down. 

From there, Kitty began her not so long journey to a new home. She stopped by CARE to be spayed, microchipped, and vaccinated then went to Tobie’s Small Dog Rescue to find her forever home. Kitty found her home (and some new friends) before we could even get this video out and the shaking escape artist turned into the little bundle of love and kisses she had always been!

We don’t know what happened to Kitty’s previous owners or why they left her behind, but it’s important to always be prepared. That’s why we’ve partnered with Free Will so you can write a will for free in under 20 minutes and protect the pets that you care so much about. It’s important to expect the unexpected and make sure those who rely on you are safe in any scenario.

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