Opposites really do attract

Hudson and Lawrence spent months living on the streets 😱

By the time we found Hudson and Lawrence in the middle of a busy road, the two must have been on their own for months. Back to back in the middle of the street, the two relied only on each other, especially after Hudson lost one of his back legs. The two were frightened, especially of men, so Loreta had to take the lead on this rescue.

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With help from a kind neighbor, Eldad and Loreta discovered the perfect place to safely corral the two cautious dogs: a fenced front yard. Eldad went back to the car to get more supplies and keep from scaring the nervous pups, while Loreta began earning their trust with cheeseburgers funded by donations from our amazing supporters. It took ages for the two to follow the cheesy trail into the front yard but Eldad was ready and closed the gate behind them.

Being trapped didn’t make Hudson and Lawrence any less scared – in fact, it was quite the opposite! The two growled and snapped whenever the team got close and Hudson almost took a chunk out of Loreta’s hand instead of the cheeseburger! After sitting at a stand still, Lawrence was the first to accept help. Once he realized they weren’t in danger, he let Loreta loop a lucky leash around his neck and calmly got into a travel crate. Hudson was the complete opposite, but who can blame him with such a horrible injury? Eventually, the team managed to distract him long enough to get him into the carrier and then it was off to CARES!

At the animal hospital, Lawrence immediately softened up. Despite his mats and malnutrition, his tail was wagging as soon as he left the crate. He went around to make friends with all the staff and sat calmly for his first bath in ages. Again, Hudson was quite different. The injury that took his leg had already healed but there was bad tissue and bone fragments which must have been causing him a ton of pain and would need surgery to heal. To give him the best chance of recovery, it was time for a bath and a shave which, unlike Lawrence, Hudson did not enjoy. With a little sedation he was all cleaned up and went in for surgery the next day to remove the remaining portion of his leg and relieve all the pain it had been causing him. 

Hudson still had a long road to recovery, he had to completely relearn how to walk and to trust humans. Our friends at Foxy and the Hounds came in to save the day! They found an amazing foster home for Hudson AND Lawrence so the two could stick together and Hudson would have his trusted friend to watch his back while he recovered. Soon enough, the two pups were the happy, inseparable pair they were always meant to be! Complete with double tail wags!

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