This pitbull was full of love

This pitbull was full of love and just waiting for someone to share it with.

Summer heat is no joke here in California. Itโ€™s important to keep your animals out of the heat and well hydrated, but what about animals without humans to look after them? 

Oxana was lucky that a kind samaritan spotted her back in June and had kept a close eye on her, giving her food and water when he could, but when the July heat hit he knew that Oxana was in serious danger so he called Hope For Paws. JoAnna and Katie arrived on scene, armed with hamburgers and gentle snares to get Oxana out of the heat. Only a few days before, she had let her long-time human friend pet her for the first time so the Hope For Paws team had no idea how she would react to complete strangers. 

At first, JoAnne tried to lure Oxana into a leash but the pitbull was terrified and backed away with her tail between her legs. The team decided to switch to a gentle snare and, using that, quickly caught Oxana mid-munching. Oxana was still scared, but within a couple minutes she crawled into JoAnneโ€™s lap full of kisses and demanding attention. 

When the team left for the CARES Animal Hospital everyone had a huge smile on their face, Oxana included. At the hospital Oxana tried to befriend anyone who walked by and settled like an angle for her bath and clean up. Our partners at The Little Red Dog took her in right away and showed this little meatball all the love she deserved. 

There are so many stories like Oxanaโ€™s: dogs who are full of love but never have the chance to share it with anyone. Your support helps us make sure these dogs have that opportunity and end up in homes with as much love to give as they do.

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