A woman's kindness has allowed this colony of cats to survive for the last two years

For years, Jodi has built homes for feral cats in her area.

 She gives them a dry place to sleep with warm blankets and the guarantee of food and water. She’s also been helping with a spay and neuter program to make sure there isn’t another generation that needs her help. Even with all of this experience, Jodi’s biggest test was a single female cat that she’d attempted to catch for two years and Hope for Paws wants to make sure that her new litter finds a safe home indoors.

Jodi tracked the mom and her kittens to a storm drain by the time Eldad and Loretta arrived but when the group approached the mother cat ran off, leaving her kittens in a dead end tunnel. Armed with a crowbar, the Hope for Paws team lifted the manhole cover and made it into the storm drain. It took everyone involved to block off the remaining tunnels so no kittens would be left behind. Once the gloves were on and the nets in place, Eldad and Loretta could start picking up the kittens and moving them to the safety of a padded travel crate. But, the job wasn’t done and now the team had to pass time waiting for the mom to return which might have led to some harmless pranks and even more harmless kitten snuggles. 

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