Kids came together to save a small dog

Six kids were playing in their neighborhood when they found a small bundle of fur.

At first, they worried they might have come across a dead animal but when the little dog skittered away they knew he could be saved and exactly who they needed to call. 

Already being fans of Hope for Paws, the kids immediately texted Eldad and Loreta for help. They had already tried their local shelters and no one was willing to take the dog in so the kids brought water and waited by Nobu’s side until Hope for Paws arrived.

Though frightened, Nobu didn’t put up much of a fight when Loreta and Eldad approached. He was startled by the Lucky Leash, clearly having been without human contact for a long time, but he quickly calmed down and even let Loreta hold him all the way to the hospital. Once he’d been checked in, staff got to work picking hundreds of ticks off Nobu’s fur, shaving away his mats, and giving him a much needed bath. Even after all his time away from people Nobu knew he was being helped and stayed calm throughout the difficult process. 

Just two days after his rescue Nobu was a different dog: making friends, running laps, and rolling over for belly rubs at every opportunity. All it took was a little bit of patience and love for Nobu’s entire life to change.

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