A helpless kitten was stuck in the middle of the highway

Every second would make a difference and first that meant finding a place to park the car.

Eldad and Loretta were on their way back from rescuing Josephine and her puppies when they received a text from Sheila, an eagle-eyed supporter who spotted a kitten in the middle of the freeway! With Sheila’s help they were able to locate the kitten and confirm he was still alive but struggling.

Eldad and Loretta were already on their second loop past the kitten when Eldad pulled over and β€œparked” on the median of an offramp.

The Hope for Paws team cranked open the windows so Josephine and her puppies would be comfortable for the few minutes they were gone, grabbed their nets and walked back to the highway. 

Parking the car was just the first dangerous step in this rescue. Once they walked back towards the kitten on the mainroad, five lanes of traffic and cars going upwards of 65 miles per hour stood between them and the kitten. Waving their nets as a warning, Eldad and Loretta did the only thing they could think of and stepped into traffic. 

For a minute the highway came to a stop, no one honked, there were no near misses, from their animal nets and Hope for Paws shirts, drivers knew that something important was happening. Eldad and Loretta made it across the highway, snatched up the kitten and ran back to the safety of their car. 

Once inside the vehicle, Eldad called Shiela to tell her the fantastic news and Loretta checked on the kitten, now named Napoleon. At the vet hospital it was confirmed that Napoleon was suffering from an eye infection and fleas, and so began the delicate process of treating the barely one pound kitten. Though he whined and complained, Napoleon handled his medical treatment like a champ and once he was healthy got right back to playing and making friends like a kitten should. 

Napoleon did not end up in this situation by himself. At his age he would have barely been away from his mother, never mind in the middle of a highway. Someone decided Napoleon was not worthy of love and not only abandoned him but most likely intended to kill him. If you or anyone you know is considering giving up a pet please contact your local animal rescue for help. Abandonment is not the only option. Please make sure your pet can live a full life even if you are no longer in it.

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