NEVER grab a homeless dog by the leg - it's dangerous!

Hope For Paws received an urgent text from our friends at L.A. Animal Rescue about an abandoned Pit Bull who took refuge in a junkyard.

Grabbing an unknown homeless dog by the leg and it doesn't matter if it's a Pit Bull, a Labrador, or a Chihuahua is just a bad idea, but I am obviously experienced and I knew she was not going to bite me 😊

Karina suffers from heartworm which is a fatal disease in pets if left untreated. It is caused by foot-long worms (heartworms) that live in the heart, lungs, and associated blood vessels of affected pets, causing severe lung disease, heart failure, and damage to other organs in the body. It is absolutely curable, but it takes a few months to get to full recovery.  If you would like to see what it actually looks like, please click here.

Having heartworm doesn't mean she can't get adopted - she is a total sweetie, great with dogs and cats, and we will continue paying for her treatment until she is 100% healthy.

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The rescue of Karina and her meeting with Peeka and Boo reminded me of a very special short film by Pixar called KitBull - it is a MUST SEE, a super special video, and it's only a few minutes long.

The past couple of months have been quite challenging with fundraising and it causes me a lot of stress. CARES is completely full and we just can't slow down… it's cold outside, it's been raining for two days, and the animals need our help.

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Hermione, who also suffered from heartworm is the next one to enter the exclusive 10,000,000 views club (there are only 32 members and with your help, she can be number 33).

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