Before contacting us regarding a rescue, please review our FAQ's below to learn about how we can help.


Please understand we don’t own a facility that houses animals. We are a non-profit rescue organization. Unlike animal control who’s hired by the city or county, we do not drive around picking up animals. Each and every dog or cat needs to have a plan and a place to go before we rescue it. 

The City of Los Angeles Department of Animal Services estimates that anywhere from 40,000 to 50,000 feral and stray dogs and cats roam the streets of Los Angeles at any time. Hope For Paws suggests you use the following steps when finding a stray: 

Find the Owner

The first thing to do when you find a stray animal is to take the animal to your local shelter. Legally, you must take the animal to the shelter for the minimum holding period, or make an attempt to find the owner with flyers, ads, etc. for ten days. The best way for an owner to locate their missing pet is through the shelter system. Even if a dog or cat does not have a collar or appears filthy, someone still could be looking for them. Collars can come off, and many dogs are excellent escape artists and can make their way out of what seems the most secure yard. Moreover, with the new micro-chipping technology, a dog or  cat could very well have a microchip that would be scanned immediately at a Veterinarian's office (they will do it for free) or Public Animal Shelter. 

If you decide you still want to rescue and re-home the animal, you can place “First Rights” on the animal. Every stray turned into a shelter has to be held for five working days to give the owner a chance to reclaim it. After the five-day period, the animal becomes available for adoption. Through the First Rights program, if you show up between 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. on the first day the animal is available for adoption, you have the right to adopt him/her.

If you decide against taking the animal to a public shelter, you must put up flyers in the area where you found the dog or cat for at least ten days before you can legally claim ownership of the animal and attempt to re-home him/her. You can also post on Next Door and Facebook as well. 

When placing an ad, be careful to give simple descriptions that do not describe too much about the animal, so that you can determine whether or not any callers really do own the dog or cat in question. For example, a good ad would be: “Found small dog, Vermont and Slauson. Please call xxx-xxx-xxxx”. When someone answers your ad, make sure they can give you an accurate description of the animal. You can ask the caller to produce a photo of the animal, a veterinary reference, or proof of ownership. Ask the owner for the animal’s name and call it out to see if the animal reacts. 

Also be sure to look on Facebook, Craigslist, and flyers posted in your neighborhood to see if anyone is looking for the animal. Your local animal shelter also keeps logs of lost dog and cat calls and you can view these to see if any animals match your animal’s description.

The Animal has No Owner – What’s Next?

Flyers and ads need to be posted immediately. If no one contacts you within a week, take the animal to your local shelter. Upon intake at the shelter be sure to get the animal ID number and the date the animal will be available, should the owner not claim him/her.  

The shelters are open 24 hours a day to take animals in, even though they are open to the public during regular business hours only. Once the animal becomes available, and no owner has claimed the animal, you can then reach out to rescue groups and network him/her on social media sites to try and find the animal a home.

Finding a Home For the Animal 

The first thing to consider before re-homing the animal is what his/her current needs are. The more you know about the animal, the better chance you will have at finding them a forever home. For example: Does he/she need training? Does he/she need medical care? Have they been spayed/neutered/vaccinated? Is it a young dog or a senior dog? Is he/she good with other dogs, cats and children? Is the animal house broken? 

Please be very cautious of where you post the dog for adoption. Craigslist is not advisable. Unfortunately many dogs and cats have ended up in horrendous situations from posting on Craigslist. Most rescue organizations will courtesy post for you on their websites. Facebook, Nextdoor, word of mouth, and attending adoption events are great ways to find the animal a loving home. Keep in mind, it might take several months to find the right home and you must be willing to foster or find a foster in the interim. 

Don’t give up, you are a hero for helping them. 

Under most state and federal laws, animals are considered as property and have little or no legal rights of their own. If you witness an animal being neglected or abused, this is an Animal Control issue and you must contact them immediately, and report the situation. Rescue Organizations can do very little when an animal has a legal owner. However, if animal control confiscates the dog from the owner and takes it to the shelter, a rescue organization or a private party can legally adopt it from the shelter when it becomes available. 

For more information regarding animal neglect and laws please visit these websites: 

Humane Society

Shouse Law Group

In the state of California animals are considered property. Only animal control can confiscate the dog. Please immediately contact animal control to report this incident. However once the dog is in the shelter then you can adopt it yourself or network the dog to a rescue group.

We are located in Southern California. We advise you to reach out to rescue organizations that are in your area so the animal can get rescued immediately. If the rescue is unsuccessful, please contact us and many times we can give you tips or advice over the phone. Traveling to rescue an animal is at the discretion of Eldad Hagar.

Hope For Paws focuses on rescuing stray and abandoned animals in the greater Los Angeles area.  We did accomplish rescues in Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica and in Israel when true emergencies occurred.

At Hope For Paws, we concentrate on rescuing unwanted and neglected animals off of the streets. Because our focus is on getting them rescued, giving them medical care, and training, we leave the adoption process to our partner rescue organizations. Every rescue video contains a link to the organization that is facilitating the animals adoption. If you are interested in a specific animal, please contact this group directly. If the animal has already been adopted, most rescues have a number of other pets waiting for long term homes. 

This page on our website contains an up to date list of animals we've rescued that are available for adoption. If you're searching for a new pet, we encourage you to start by getting to know these wonderful animals searching for a forever home. 

Hope For Paws partners with many different rescue organizations in California. Each organization is independent and has created a policy to guide them on adopting animals out of state. Many of the rescue centers charge an adoption fee. This payment helps support the rescue center and the amount is determined by the organization. Hope For Paws does not receive the adoption fee. 

We hope that you will contact one of our animal adoption partners, or an organization in your area, and provide a long term forever home to a rescue animal.  

Hope For Paws partners with rescue organizations to find a loving forever home for every animal we rescue. Each rescue organization is independent and has built a process to manage the adoption. The organizations require interested individuals to complete an application and many rescues will schedule a home visit before adopting animals into new families. 

Hope For Paws partners with rescue organizations to manage the animal adoption process. The rescue organizations charge an adoption fee that is used for medical, training, and food and supplies for the animals in their care. Hope For Paws does not receive the adoption fee and the specific amount is determined by our partner organization. 

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International shipments usually take longer to arrive because the packages must clear customs before continuing to the destination. 

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Hope For Paws encourages students and the next generation to continue our work. Please get involved with your local shelter by volunteering or fostering animals waiting to find their long term home. Most cities and towns have an adoption center where you can volunteer and even take animals for walks in your neighborhood. 

If you're active on social media, this can be a great way to inform your community about animals that need to be adopted. If you're interested in helping Hope For Paws, sharing our rescue videos on social media is the best way that you can help raise awareness of our organization.

We do not have any volunteer opportunities at Hope For Paws. Our team is constantly in the field rescuing stray and unwanted animals. Our rescues situations are unpredictable, the animals are often frightened or injured, we're frequently in dangerous areas and we cannot risk anyone’s safety. For liability reasons we only work with our trained staff. 

We encourage our community to volunteer with local animal rescues and shelters in their area. Shelters and rescues are often inundated with an influx of animals every day. The shelters and rescues need people to clean kennels, to bathe, walk, and help train the animals so they can find a loving forever home. You'll find the experience highly rewarding and gratifying, both as an individual and for a family. Your volunteer work will help an animal get out of the shelter into its forever home.

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