Yara the pit bull

Yara has a big bark (luckily we don’t know about her bite)

Pain makes people, and dogs, do crazy things. Yara certainly was not friendly or cooperative during her rescue but with a little bit of love and care she was completely transformed!

Early in the morning, Hope for Paws received a call about an injured pitbull puppy on an offramp of the 110 freeway. Yara turned out not to be a puppy but she was badly injured and terrified that humans would just bring her more pain. This was a tricky operation -- a hurt and frightened dog can easily hurt themselves and their potential rescuers -- not to mention Eldad was on the rescue all alone! 

With the roar of the highway above and a stranger approaching her make-shift den, Yara was so distressed she couldn’t take a break from barking to eat the fried chicken being thrown to her. Eldad could tell Yara was seriously injured with one of her front legs almost completely crushed and her ribs easily countable. Eldad didn’t know how long she had been out here but at this point every minute mattered, making the patience required to get the fearful Yara to safety even harder to manage. 

The photo or link is unavailable to download. 

This was a dangerous operation for everyone involved but thanks to the help of the Hope for Paws community and our partners at Little Red Dog Rescue, Yara’s story has a happy ending. Find out how we got there by watching this daring rescue!

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