Senior dog lived under a shipping container for 9 YEARS!

Dogs deserve a home and love no matter their age...

In mid-March, Persephone had already set out to help homeless animals but she didn’t realize what a huge impact she would have on the life of an old pitbull named Josephine. While helping with a trap-neuter-return program, Persephone stumbled across Josephine asleep under a shipping container and knew exactly who to call. 

Eldad and Loreta arrived on scene for the rescue and learned from nearby construction workers that Josephine (or Pheenie for short) had lived in the junkyard since her owner was deported nine years ago. That near-decade had not been kind to Pheenie, she lost an eye and suffered from major dental rot, a fractured spinal cord, a urinary tract infection, and mammary tumors. Her long life had been a hard one but that was about to change. 

Pheenie was hesitant to leave her home but once she did she was patient with rescuers and veterinary staff so they could give her the care she’d missed for so long. After her check up and numerous diagnosis it was clear that Pheenie didn’t have long left but L.A. Animal Rescue swooped in to make sure she spent her remaining days in luxury. 

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