When a kitten rescue goes wrong!!! 😰

A terrible accident turns this rescue into a nightmare.

When we received a call about a family of kittens living in a buried pipe in the middle of a large construction project in Los Angeles, we had no idea this would become one of our most stressful rescues ever. 

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The last CAT rescue video of 2021 is the most technically challenging Hope For Paws rescue - A LOT more than Jessie's rescue in the water well!

On this rescue, Loreta took multiple bites, and after that, a terrible accident turned this rescue into my worst nightmare!! Please don't worry and please don't skip this one - we figured it all out.

The lovely kittens are ready for adoption and are looking for their loving forever home. You can learn more about each of these loving cats on their adoption page

We're so lucky to have the cameras and equipment required to complete these types of complex rescues. Without your support, we would not have been able to safely complete these types of rescues. Thank you for watching our videos this year, commenting and sharing our rescues with friends and family. We love our work and can't wait to continue saving lives in 2022.  Happy New Year!

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