Coyotes, graveyards and terrifying heights!

This might be our most dangerous rescue yet: coyotes, graveyards, and terrifying heights!

This might be our most dangerous rescue yet: coyotes, graveyards, and terrifying heights!

We had quite the spooky rescue this summer when Cashmere found herself trapped in a graveyard patrolled by coyotes! Eldad and Loretta rushed to the scene but the graveyard was closed for the night by the time they arrived. In order to rescue Cashmere, the two had to squeeze under a rusty fence and drop down to the sewer where she was hiding. Initially, the team thought Cashmere couldn’t even see them, she was struggling to pick up pieces of hamburger they left her on the ground, but they took the opportunity to quickly get her into the gentle snare and make sure she couldn’t run away. 

Now, Eldad and Loretta were up for their biggest rescue yet: saving themselves!

To get down they had dropped over a sheer concrete wall and had no way to get back up. Eldad managed to “monkey” his way over the wall using the fence above and a single nail that stuck out of the concrete. From there, Loretta handed him Cashmere and she was safely secured in the Hope For Paws vehicle. Loretta spent ages trying to get out, Eldad even dropped the rescue fence down to give her some extra leverage but nothing was working! Luckily, some kind strangers came along and helped them out (after being told why two people were breaking out of a graveyard). 

With everyone safely in the car, the team took off to CARES where it was confirmed that Cashmere was in good health and could even see despite being over 15 years old. She received a nice warm bath and lots of treats before our friends at Lionel's Legacy took her in.

Cashmere had likely spent the last 15 years with a family who loved and cared for her, otherwise she wouldn’t have been so healthy when Hope For Paws found her. Sometimes, the unexpected happens and it’s important that what comes next for your pets is expected. We’ve partnered with Free Will, an organization that helps you make a will for free in less than 20 minutes, to make sure those who rely on you are looked after. Please take 20 minutes today and protect your pet for a lifetime!

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