Panic Attack!

I faced my biggest fear on the 4th of July during a rescue in the sewer.

Just when I thought that Hope For Paws can't put me through anything crazier than I have already gone through, this rescue comes along! Rescues don't scare me, ever. But I finally had to face my biggest fear and it happened on the 4th of July. When lives depend on you, you just do it, you have no choice. This rescue totally drained everything out of me, but it was so worth it that I would do it again.

When I was 17 years old I passed out in a phone booth in London while my friend was making a phone call. It was then that I realized that small closed spaces were not for me. Fast forward years later, I ended up in a sewer with 5 newborn babies. I crawled across the street with Eldad and had a panic attack. He then sent me to find another hole a block away that he expected me to crawl into alone. You panic for a few seconds and start thinking about the craziest scenarios. What if an earthquake happens, will I get buried alive? What if all of a sudden the sewer fills up with water all the way to the top? Omg, I felt dizzy and sick to my stomach, but there was no time to debate.

Half way through the sewer, I started counting which helped me calm down and I finally made it out. Please don't miss this video, even if you are afraid of closed spaces, it's really worth watching. It's minimally edited, so you get to see me panic and scared in all it's glory lol! I couldn't be happier that the babies are alive and well. This has got to be one of my favorite rescue stories ever!!!! I might have aged 10 years and lost 10 pounds, but the 5 little angels are thriving and will grow into happy and healthy adults! Thank you as always for your support and for sharing our rescue stories.

Please DO NOT miss this one!

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