McKenzie: A hug changed everything

McKenzie was so scared of touch, but a hug changed everything! ❤️

Today, we live in a world with a lot less hugs, but for McKenzie, it was what she needed the most! McKenzie took refuge outside a maternity clinic and she just laid down... shaking in fear and doing her best to avoid any touch.

Her transformation gets better and better until the last second of this video and I know you will LOVE this one ❤️❤️❤️ 

When I saw McKenzie in the corner doing her best to avoid any contact, it reminded me of Holly who I rescued 7 years ago! It is so interesting to see the differences and similarities in the behaviors of these two special dogs. I am not surprised that Holly's video was seen over 11 MILLION times

Thank you so much for helping us through these challenging times so we can continue going out there and save these animals.

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