Breaking News: dog's owner died, and he was thrown down to the LA river 💔

One day, May Johnson glanced out her office window one day and saw a dog down in the L.A. River! She called Dennis Lake to figure out a plan to get help; May called the Fire Department, and Dennis called Animal Control, but they didn't get the help they hoped for. They saw the dog going into the tunnel (I didn't know that when I went on this rescue), Dennis waited for a long time to see if he comes out, but he didn't. 

Dennis went back to his office and looked at some satellite images to figure out how to get to the dog, and then Animal Control called back and said they will be back the next day.

The following morning, Animal Control still didn't show up, and Eowyn Mishawn found Hope For Paws on YouTube and she texted me the first clip you'll see on this video:

Most people tend to think that if they die unexpectedly, their family or friends will take care of their pets, but our experience shows it's just NOT TRUE! Please, please, please don't leave this to a chance! #HopeForPaws teamed up with #FreeWill to enable everybody to write their own Will for FREE here: ❤️

Imagine your dog or cat in a terrible situation like Nico's situation and there is nothing you can do about it because you're already gone!

I know that for the past couple of years I keep asking people to do this because this is happening again and again. The whole process will take just 20 minutes, you can click here, start now, and complete it later this week when you have some free time.

Nico had a microchip, so we were able to figure out who his owner was, and we learned that he passed away. We were able to connect with this man's two daughters who didn't care about their father's dog (they claimed they didn't even know to tell us his name). 

Thousands of people already created their Will, and I really hope you will do it too. It is the holiday, so many families are together, so it's a great time to have a conversation about it, make a plan, and then have a legally valid will in writing

I would recommend creating a backup plan as well because people's situations do change, and I am definitely open to having Hope For Paws as a last resort - just email me, and we can definitely talk about it.  I just helped a really nice man who just passed away... I will talk about him in a video that is coming up soon.

If you would like to discuss this with me, please click on "Contact us" here: 
If you will start the email with "Hello Eldad" it will automatically come into my mailbox 😊

This story has a happy ending, and we need to ensure that something terrible like this doesn't happen to your pets.  There is another blog on this subject: Who will take care of your pets when you cannot?

Thank you so much!


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