Kitten Falls 43 Feet Into A Water Well And Cries For Help For 5 DAYS!

Hello Hope For Paws supporters! Just a week ago I wrote to you and asked for advice on how to rescue this little kitten who fell 43 feet below the ground into a water well in South Carolina and survived for 4 days.  I received hundreds of comments, phone calls, and emails with great ideas - I read ALL OF THEM!

This video is for you guys.  It's longer than usual, but it's captivating and will show how much effort is required to save the lives of these animals.  We never filmed or experienced anything like this before!

I can't imagine the desperation Jessie must have felt during these 120 HOURS in complete darkness and cold, and with the pain he endured from this fall. By the time we arrived on the scene, we had a bunch of your amazing ideas, so we were prepared for anything... we just needed Jessie to hang in there until we figure it out how to overcome the obstacles we were faced with.

This rescue will make your heart race like never before! 

Thank you James and Rob from Freedom Plumbing, Inc. for working closely with us and for donating your services! I can't remember the last time that something was done for free, and I really appreciate it. Kimberly Cockrell - we couldn't have done this rescue without you! Always on the ground for us in South Carolina, always so helpful in organizing the needed troops, and helping us save these animals - THANK YOU!

Thank you Well Pets SC for amazing and quick medical care for Jessie, and of course to the staff that gave him such a huge dose of love that healed him!

Thank you all for donating and helping us make rescues like this happen! None of this would ever happen without your donations. Please join our team with a small donation so we can keep going in full force! We are about to celebrate our 10th birthday in a few days, and we need your support. 

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