How Hope For Paws saved the life of a starving dog

After Loreta's dog Coco passed away, she had gone through a really rough time. Shortly after Coco's death, I received a call on the Hope For Paws line to help save a dog who was sleeping on a freeway off-ramp.

When I arrived at the scene, the dog was so scared, she ran away from me and disappeared for two days.

I needed Loreta to help me, and sure enough, armed with two cameras and a great plan, we managed to save this starving dog (don't blink while watching, or you'll miss it). Loreta named her Hanako (flower girl), after her beloved Coco-Hanako.

Our friends at LA Animal Rescue found her the most incredible home, and we just visited her along with her new parents who are spoiling her with amazing trips, boat rides, and great food.

You can see photos from the whole rescue and from our fun visit on Loreta's Facebook page. 

If this story has inspired you, please make a small donation in Coco's honor and help us save more challenging dogs...amazing rescues and transformations are not possible without your support.

Thank you so much!


p.s. you can now follow Luna Hanako here:


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