Do you know this lost dog?

Yesterday was an intense rescue day with TWO dogs that were hit by cars and suffered serious injuries! I will start with the second rescue because we need your help right away. 

We believe this dog is owned even though he doesn't have a name tag or a microchip. When Loreta and I picked him up, we noticed right away that he was bruised, but more importantly, we noticed that his gums were pale.

The photo or video content is not visible to download. 

We rushed him to the hospital to learn that he is bleeding internally and needed emergency surgery. His spleen ruptured and had to be removed, his liver was bleeding, and the surgery was successful but the next 36 hours are still going to be critical for him ❤️

Do you know this dog? If you live in Los Angeles or have friends who live in L.A, can you please share this post with them? I am sure that seeing the owner will be important for his healing...he is such a nice dog.

We named this loving animal Antonio, but I am sure he has another name and I hope all of you can help me find the owner who must be worried about him. 

Thank you so much for your help!

- Eldad 


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