Cronut the kitten

Sometimes it's important to just be quiet and listen...

Hello Hope For Paws supporter,

Cronut's rescue was an interesting one because this little baby was so smart and was able to hide in a place where we almost missed!  I don't want to give it away, I would love for you to just watch it πŸ˜ΊπŸ‘

Youtube link is private not available to attach. 

Sadly, we don't know where Cronut's mom is or where her siblings are... she was just alone out there in the world.  The neighbors are still looking, but no one had seen anything - yet.

Posting this video today is pretty sad to me as I just rescued a cat yesterday... an adult female who was hit by a car.  I rushed her to the hospital, she had to go through emergency surgery, but sadly she didn't survive the injuries.  The part that is even worse about it is that she was lactating a little bit which means it's possible she has kittens somewhere out there.  I have a whole community of people looking, there are posts on NextDoor, everybody is searching and hoping for these kittens to make a sound that will save their lives, but so far no results.  I don't know if they even exist, but I know it's possible and it's terrible to think about it.

It's "baby season" in the Animal Kingdom, and we need to try and help these animals survive.  We live in a crazy world of COVID-19, people are staying home, so less food is available out there for these hungry moms.  It's important to understand that every crossing of a road, there is a real serious danger of death and leaving orphan babies behind.  I want to ask that if you can, please leave food and water out there for animals who may need it.  It is time for more people to appreciate the nature around us... I can definitely hear a lot more birds chirping these days and it's really beautiful.

In honor of all the brave moms out there who will do anything and everything to provide for their babies, and in honor of Mother's Day that we are celebrating tomorrow, we have a special gift for you to give. We've created Mother's Day cards that you can send all the moms you know and love (Biological moms, step moms, dads who function as moms, other family members who are moms, and of course friends who are moms). When you create your card, you'll be able to leave a special message that will be sent to your loved ones and make a donation in your Mom's name to Hope For Paws. 

This Mother's Day is challenging because social distancing requires us to stay home and keep the people we love safe, but this card with Cronut will help share your love in a safe way.

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This special gift will help us save lives and ensure that every animal we rescue is adopted into a loving forever home. 

Today I have to rescue another family... mom and babies.

We have videos coming up with kittens and lots of puppies coming up!

Stay safe and stay tuned!

Have a great weekend,



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