An Inspiring Story from Angelina Jolie's 3 Kids.

We all love when Hollywood actors inspire us with their amazing performances in front of the camera. We get even more inspired when they take time to give back to their community.

Sarah Ramos shared on her Instagram account how, she saw Angelina Jolie along with her 3 kids selling organic dog treats in a local park in LA.  

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In People’s magazine, Ramos mentioned that the Oscar-winning actress was with her 10-year-old twins Vivienne and Knox and 12-year-old Shiloh and selling dog treats to help LA based non-profit animal rescue organization Hope For Paws.

β€œThe kids wanted to support Hope for Paws and they made the treats themselves,” a source told PEOPLE.

Ramos, made a special mention on her Instagram timeline, β€œPS the treat sales benefited @hopeforpawsrescue. Donate today to make Angie happy!"

Hope For Paws is touched by this kind gesture from Angelina Jolie's kids and their mom. We love reading that our videos are traveling in so many directions and we really appreciate the support. We are also thankful to Sarah Ramos for sharing this news with the world via Instagram.

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