Abandoned dog outside of a cemetery with a crushed foot

An abandoned dog was found outside of a cemetery with a crushed foot by a Hope For Paws fan, Valarie Court, who was visiting from the state of Oregon and knew that we were close by.

Sapphire had a terrible break in her foot, and as soon as I saw her X-ray, I knew that I need to rush her to our favorite veterinarian, Doctor Antonio Pedraza. The X-ray will blow your mind... the before and after is one of the most amazing I have ever seen.  Surgeries like this cost a lot of money and they are possible only thanks to your generosity.

Shortly after her surgery, Sapphire continued to her foster home with our friends at Foxy and the Hounds!  Sapphire's adopting mom took on the project of helping her through the recovery process and as you'll see in the video, Sapphire is totally healthy and happy!

I am sure many of you would be curious to know what breed Sapphire is, and just a couple of days ago, her mom sent me her DNA test results - ARE YOU READY?  Make your guesses, and then click here.

Even though Sapphire was already adopted, Foxy and the Hounds still have many other beautiful rescue dogs available for adoption.

There are only TWO DAYS LEFT to get your own Lucky Leash (including the special Paradise / Spring Edition).  I just love how the leash matches her eyes: https://www.HopeForPaws.org/Lucky_Leash

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