A nightmare turns to be a dream come true!

This is a story about dreams coming true - not just for dogs! ❤️

This story is a little unusual and I wanted to share it with you because it's really special to me.

We receive hundreds of emails every week, and just like all my team members, I sit down for hours every week and answer many of these emails.

Last year I received an email from Hayley Mysliwiec and I'll share it here (with her permission of course).

Hi Eldad

I am a HUGE fan of yours and I watch every single video of yours. You are such a kindhearted man. I love you and the work that you do. I just watched Sunshine's video.

I have a heart condition and ended up in a coma back in 2017. Your videos make me smile. It's just amazing. When I was eligible for a make a wish, I wanted to meet you guys, but I can't fly. So they couldn't make it happen. I live in NJ so it was just not capable of happening. I wanted to go on a rescue mission with you guys haha!

Well, in any case. I hope what I have said helps you out. I'm always open to helping you guys out if you need it.


Hayley Mysliwiec


Stuff like this makes me stop everything and really appreciate what a positive impact Hope For Paws has on people all over the world.

From this email, I had no indication about Hayley's age, so I asked her to connect me with her mom.  I told Hayley that if her mom is OK with it, then Loreta and I would love to take her, her mom, and her dad out to dinner (all the way in New Jersey).  This all takes place in August 2019 - BEFORE COVID-19 days.  Hayley told me she was 18 years old, but due to her health, she wanted to have her family by her side.

I connected with Hayley's mom who was very happy to hear from me, and I learned a lot more about Hayley's condition and why she could not fly across the country to meet us.

A few days went by, and Loreta Frankonyte and I boarded a flight to New York City.  Hayley didn't feel 100% well when we arrived in New York, so we asked her to rest and we will wait until she was ready for us. Meanwhile, we visited the 9/11 Memorial, walked for many miles (which we don't really get to do in Los Angeles) and we tried multiple pizza places (I love pizza too much which is not good when I have to fit into sewer holes!) 🍕🍕🍕

Two days later Hayley felt better so Loreta and I hopped in a car and headed to meet Hayley and her family.  She still didn't feel well enough to go out to a restaurant and we couldn't risk her getting an infection, so food was ordered in and we had a fun afternoon and evening together.  We learned how Hayley was born in China and how as an orphan she went through two open-heart surgeries and how she was adopted at the age of 3 and immigrated to the U.S with her two amazing adopting parents!  Their dedication and efforts to take care of their girl are just beyond incredible!

Hayley is one tough young woman!  She is so strong and positive throughout everything she has to deal with.  She is much stronger than I would have been in the same situation, and as I am writing these lines I am thinking to myself - we are dealing with this quarantine and the fear of infection for a few months now (and complaining about it nonstop), but she has been dealing with it her whole life!  It really gives a good perspective on life.

I am so happy we got to make her wish come true, and I am so happy to have Hayley as a friend. 😊👍❤️

It has been almost a year since we met, and we text each other funny things all the time.  If I am being an annoying older brother, she is telling on me to Loreta 😳 😂

When Hayley feels well, she helps local organizations finding homes for dogs and cats with her amazing skills as a photographer.  She is working on her new website now, and you can read her story here: http://hayleymysliwiec.com/behind-the-lens.html 
In a day or two (maybe by the time you read this blog), you can see her photography portfolio: http://HayleyMysliwiec.com - if not, it should work in a couple of days, so just check back in.


Neither of Haley's links are functioning. 

Going to this rescue story - I don't want to give away anything, but the hero of this story was named Hayley, and as you will see, her life had a rough start too, but she had BIG DREAMS!

If Hayley (the homeless dog) would have told other dogs about her dreams, they probably would have laughed at her, but she is the proof that dreams do come true.

I love the parallels in the story of the two Hayleys and I want to thank you for donating to Hope For Paws, for helping us put smiles on kids' faces (it even happens in this video).  I am so honored to have the privilege to impact the lives of both animals and humans. 🙏❤️

Thank you so much for your support!


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