It's scary that people around us are capable of this!

This is so upsetting... I don't understand how someone can just abandon a blind dog on the street to fend for himself and just drive away!!! 😑🀬

As I prepared to clean him up, my brain couldn't even think of a good name for him, so I posted his picture on Instagram. I saw hundreds of great name suggestions that I added to my list, but one name kept repeating itself many timesβ€”Gandalf!

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Loreta brought over to CARES a nice dinner she cooked for Paddington, and after he ate, I spent the next couple of hours grooming, bathing, and comforting him.

He is blind, mostly deaf, and has a few tumors, broken teeth, and bladder stones. Thanks to you, he is receiving the best medical treatment at CARES, and we will just have to see how he is doing. I always struggle with sharing these horrible stories because I don't want to scare people away with sad stories. A few weeks ago, Loreta and I rescued another abandoned senior dog, Bosley. 

Sadly, he passed away a week after his rescue. 😞

I am still debating if I should post his sad video - I know you're coming here for HOPE, but the reality is rough, and this is the sadness we have to deal with over here.

I want you to know that your donations are greatly appreciated because they help prevent so much pain and suffering. We really couldn't have done this without you!

I will keep you posted on Gandalf, and I hope we can find a special family to foster him. I'm working on expanding our ability to accept fosters, so if you're interested, please let me know.

Thank you so much!


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