Dog left behind by a homeless person by the freeway - she didn't move! 😢

Brenda was so sad when her person disappeared. I will never know the circumstances for her owner's disappearance... maybe hospitalization, arrest, or even death.

One thing I know for sure is that she was loyal and loved. She is a very cool Newfoundland, probably mixed with a Bernese Mountain Dog. Like all Newfies, she loves water and enjoys nice bubble baths. ❤️

She loves to play with toys and with other dogs - it was so cool to watch her coming out of her shell.

If you are not a Hope For Paws supporter yet, I really hope you will join us today and help us save more lives. As a small thank you, I will send you our Lucky Leash. 🌺

Thank you!

Brenda reminded me of Everest - a dog Loreta and I rescued a while ago:

Brenda is now in her foster home with our friends at L.A. Animal Rescue. To apply to adopt her, please contact them directly at:

Thank you so much!


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