Pregnant dog rescued hours before giving birth!!!

Today we are celebrating Hope For Paws' Sweet 16 and for this celebration, I have a special video for you:

Double/Triple your gift ❤️

In perfect timing for this celebration of 16 years of Hope For Paws, the new CARES just opened, and we already have a bunch of surgeries scheduled for tomorrow! This hospital is SEVEN TIMES larger than the first CARES, which means it can help us save many more lives! If you didn't watch the BIG REVEAL with the first look at this amazing hospital, here it is for you:

Every Hope For Paws supporter contributed to the existence of this amazing place, and you should be really proud!!! I am just amazed by how many people came together to help us accomplish this mission—it has been a long-time dream, and I really appreciate your continued support!

For today's celebration, we have TWO matching campaigns where your donation can be DOUBLED or TRIPLED!

Recently, Lawrence Wergey, a Hope For Paws supporter, passed away and left a legacy gift for our organization. In his Will, he asked that we will continue raising awareness about making plans for your pets should anything unexpected happen to you. He also left funds to DOUBLE all your one-time donations!

Another Hope For Paws supporter recently lost her beloved dog Suki, so in her honor, she offered to TRIPLE your recurring donations!

Your gift will be matched!

Shelby and M'Lynn lived under an abandoned RV, ate trash, and did their best to survive. A Good Samaritan was referred to us by Mary Chatman, who contacted us about many animals in need. 

Shortly after the rescue, M'Lynn was adopted by Chris and Michele Gentry. Hope For Paws super fans would know their names because they adopted some of the most famous dogs in Hope For Paws' history! 




Katie McKittrick and I worked together to secure both of them, quickly groomed them, checked by the doctor, and rushed them to Katie's home so the babies could be born in a clean, safe, and quiet place. Even though Shelby was malnourished, her first five puppies were all large and healthy - Annelle, Truvy, Spud, Clairee, and Drum. Sadly, little Magnolia, the runt, was born small and deformed, and she passed away. 😢 

The rest of the family thrived and continued to their foster home. It was so amazing to see them play just a few weeks after they were born!!!

Today's Matching Campaign for Hope For Paws' 16th anniversary is so important for our operation! This week alone, 20 surgeries will be performed at CARES, and this is just the first week - the "soft opening" 😄 

Thank you so much for supporting our efforts! We really appreciate you and love you! 💝


p.s. tomorrow (totally by chance) I'll be celebrating my 49th birthday, so I will have another rescue video for you - I'll see you again in 24 hours!

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