Rescued By: Hope For Paws

Meets Scoots McGoots!! One of our special needs kitties, Scoot was brought to us dragging her back legs as a 8 week old DSH, brown and white tabby. Radiographs showed that she had a pellet embedded in her spine. Dr. Pedraza performed surgery to try and see if we could help her regain motor function in her legs. The surgery was successful at first and Scoot regained some mobility. However, since she was just a kitten, her growth plates were not fully formed, therefore as she grew, the changes to her spine became more pronounced and despite physical therapy, she eventually lost all motor function in her back legs. She has now been fitted with a specialized wheelchair and a scooter so that she can get around with ease. Scoot loves other kitties and dogs and will make a wonderful addition to a family looking to add something special. She is mostly littler trained, but still needs to be shown where the box is and will need someone who can accommodate her special needs. If you would like to meet Scoot, please fill out the application below.

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