Ways to Help Hope For Paws

So many of you have asked how else could you help us save more lives and volunteer outside of California.

So many of you have asked how else could you help us save more lives and volunteer outside of California.

We are so grateful for your support and for wanting to do more for the animals we rescue. If you love dogs, cats, bunnies or any other type of animal, we'd love to have your join our family. There are so many ways you can help and the ideas below are a great way to get started and volunteer with Hope For Paws. 

First, please follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram - this will help us reach many more people all over the world.

Your comments, questions and encouraging words of support not only help to motivate our team, but when you share our videos online, this is one of the most impactful ways you can help us reach more people and save lives. 

Please don't forget to help us by subscribing to our YouTube channel. When you are watching our videos, we receive ad revenue, and the funds go directly to pay for life saving surgeries. If you have not subscribed, please click here.

Do you know about Amazon Smile?

Every time you shop on Amazon, Hope For Paws can receive a small donation from your purchase through Amazon Smile. It is 100% free for you, and these small gifts add up to make a huge difference. Please click here to select Hope For Paws as your charity of choice and please don't forget to shop at Smile.Amazon.com

Help us name the next animal we rescue 

We are always looking for unique names for our the animals we rescue.  Please send us your favorite names here and you might get lucky and see your favorite names in one of our future videos.

We'd love to have you send us unique and special names for our animals. A special donor named this adorable Mom #Moon. Moon's puppies, Andromeda, Nebula, Supernova, Comet, Lynx, and her only son Crypto are all so cute and you'll love the photos at the end of the video. 

Write your own Will for FREE 

Every month, we are asked to help find loving forever homes to pets after their owners passed away unexpectedly and no instructions were left for their care. This is a gift from Hope For Paws to your pet - a way to ensure that your fur baby will never end up in a terrible situation or stuck in an animal shelter. You can read more about planned giving on our blog or skip straight ahead to creating your own legally valid will via our partner FreeWill.

Facebook Fundraiser 

If you have a birthday or any other special occasion and you’d like to raise money for Hope For Paws, please click here to start your own fundraising campaign - it will take just 20 seconds of your time.

Become a Hope For Paws member

By joining our family as a monthly donor, you'll help support the incredible rescues that we're able to accomplish every day. Our average monthly donation is $14 and every gift adds up to help pay for medical care before each animal finds a loving home.  We would LOVE for you to be a part of these rescues and an important part of every one of our videos! 

Later on this year, we will open an online store where you can get your own Lucky Leash of Hope and towels and blankets with the Hope For Paws logo. Millions of people have seen these on our rescue videos, and having additional funds will enable us to save even more lives.  Please add your name to the waiting list, and you'll be notified when they become available!

Download the Hope For Paws Mobile App

Please don't forget to download the Hope For Paws APP in the Apple App store or Google Play. Turning on your notifications will enable me and Eldad to text you when a new video is posted.

Finally, if you're like me, you will enjoy this playlist with our most popular rescues. I often watch these amazing and inspiring videos at the end of a long day. 

Please feel free to share this list with your family and friends. The more people that watch our videos, the more animals we can save. 

Thank you so much for your continued support and for being a super important part of our Hope For Paws family.



Please suggest a few names for our next rescues and sign-up for rescue updates.