Dehydrated and sick kittens didn't have the energy to fight! Kitten season is here and we need you!

It's kitten season, and we are working to assist so many families like the Ironwork family.

The new CARES is about to open in a few weeks, and with your help, we will grow our TNR program to reduce the suffering of so many cats and kittens. Every surgery costs about $100 so for example, to spay/neuter 200 cats will cost $20,000!!!  I really hope you can join us today with a small recurring donation so we can fix as many animals as possible.

Thank you ❤️

Of course, all the cats we rescue require medical treatment - primarily for upper respiratory and eye infections, and that's expensive, too. I really appreciate your support in helping them heal and find loving forever homes. Our friends at Kitty Bungalow are working nonstop, too, to help so many cats and kittens. Please check out all the cuties and apply to adopt them here:

If you missed the rescue videos of Murphy, Mallory and the 7 puppies, here they are for you:


Thank you so much for watching and sharing our videos and for supporting Hope For Paws! 💝


Please suggest a few names for our next rescues and sign-up for rescue updates.