This video will save lives!

This video is different from our usual rescue content, but it's an important one as the 4th of July approaches. 🧨

We are still a week away from the holiday, but all around the city people are playing with fireworks (even in the middle of the day), causing panic and distress to dogs, cats, and wild animals. 😓

Music can have a profoundly calming effect on dogs and cats. The sudden loud noises and bright flashes of fireworks can cause anxiety and fear in pets, leading to behaviors such as hiding, trembling, panting, or excessive barking. Playing soothing music with a slow tempo and gentle melodies can help mask the sound of fireworks, providing a sense of normalcy and security. Research has shown that relaxing music can lower heart rates and reduce stress-related behaviors in animals. By creating a peaceful auditory environment, music can significantly alleviate the distress pets feel during fireworks, helping them remain calm and relaxed.

Please leave the TV on with this video every day when you leave for work. It will play for 10 hours and will help your pets relax and maybe even enjoy the show.

Recently, I was asked to watch a cat while a friend of mine and her husband had to leave town for a couple of days. In an attempt to entertain CleaCatra, I shared some nature shows with her on my iPad, and she really enjoyed them. You can see her here:

Letting this video play for 10 hours will increase the watch time on our channel, help us grow, and introduce us to new audiences. With the new hospital, we are able to do so much more, but it's all very expensive! This is a great way to help us save more lives, it will also help your pets, and it's FREE! 😊👍

To double the impact, you can also open this video in a separate tab on your computer and let it run all day, knowing you're actively helping us! You should skip over every once in a while to enjoy some of the beautiful footage we put together in this video—there are no loops of footage—every second there is unique!

Thank you so much!


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