Their owner collapsed and left them alone in this world! 😢😢

After Hades' and Jupiter's owner collapsed and was hospitalized, they found themselves locked in the apartment for a whole week without food or water!

When we got the call on the HopeForPaws line, we were told that the owner's family was giving us just an hour to get them out, or else they are just letting them out to the street. 

Loreta Frankonyte and I rushed over there immediately. We knew they were trapped in the past (so they wouldn't walk into a trap again), and because of the time crunch, we had to actively catch them and get out of there. The smell in the unit was awful; we all had to wear masks - it's just amazing they survived! By the end of the video, you'll see a beautiful transformation for both of them.

Most people, especially younger people, think there is no reason to write a Will and make a plan for their family members and their pets. Hades' and Jupiter's owner is only 40 years old, and he is never coming back 😰 

To ensure that something like this doesn't EVER happen to your pets, Hope For Paws partnered with Free Will to help you write your own legally valid will, FOR FREE! You can read more about it here and complete the whole process in 15-20 minutes: 

Life is so fragile, and we are responsible for keeping our family members safe in case something unexpected happens.

Protect your pets ❤️

Please let us know if you need help with that or if you have any questions by contacting us here: 

If the email says "Hello Eldad", it will automatically go to my mailbox 😉 

I hope you have seen Norman's video: - it's another example of how we help animals and people. 

To adopt Hades and Jupiter, please get in touch with our friends at The Kitty Bungalow directly: 

Thank you so much!


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