Puppies born in a desert town - their mom almost got me!!! 😬

This rescue sent me on a long drive to the desert to save Disney and her puppies.

Classical music fans - I hope you will enjoy the "Four Seasons of Rescue" with music by Antonio Vivaldi.

The Four Seasons was composed exactly 300 years ago (1723)!! I love classical music and earlier this year I was at the Hollywood Bowl where I got to listen to this concert - a night at the Hollywood Bowl with classical music is my favorite way to spend an evening and relax.

Vivaldi started his concert with an infectiously happy theme of Spring, but our story doesn't begin in a happy place... Disney was abandoned and then gave birth to three little puppies under an olive tree. As temperatures were falling, their future was uncertain, so I decided to start this rescue video with the music representing AUTUMN

Once I gathered my equipment, the music changed to WINTER... it's a bit darker and stressful. Disney was protecting her puppies, but she also needed my food so she could provide them with milk. The music worked really well with the emotions and intensity of this rescue! Disney almost got me, but I saw that bite coming a split second before the attempt was made... did you see it too? 

Once we arrived back in Los Angeles, the music changed again - now it is SPRING when things took a beautiful turn, and everybody got a nice warm bath. The family can rest for the first time, knowing they are safe with us. 

The last part of the video was filmed a few weeks later, so I skipped to SUMMER when it was time for FUN! Pluto, Dug, and Goofy have grown a little. They still need their mom, but they are starting to play and test their new teeth on my fingers. OUCH! πŸ˜… 

I'm sure most of you know PLUTO and GOOFY, and if you're wondering who DUG is, you should definitely watch the movie "UP" by Disney/Pixar. ❀️ 

It has been a while since I edited a video, but Justin is still recovering from his terrible motorcycle accident, and Rachael just had a beautiful baby, so I hope you will enjoy my work even though I'm at bit rusty. I know it's a bit long, but I didn't want to chop the music in a way that would make Vivaldi sad. 😊 

Thank you so much for supporting Hope For Paws and for understanding why we slowed down a bit with video productions. We're still filming our rescues, but it will take me a little longer to edit them as my priority is the work on the streets. 

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