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Welcome + Edie's video

Hello and welcome to our blog!

We want to use it is a tool to connect with you and use it as  sort of a companion to our videos.  We get a lot of questions regarding the videos and it's hard sometimes to answer everyone individually, so this will hopefully help answer some of these questions.  Also, we want to explain why certain methods may have been used.

Every rescue is different.  Everything from the dog's temperament, its age, the number of dogs needing help, the environment, and even people present in the area, affect how a rescue is operated.

Edie's Video:

A lot of people have asked why I was "forceful" with her.  Why didn't I take as much time as needed to slowly gain her trust.  You must understand, this was a dog doomed to death that day.  The shelter workers had labeled her "aggressive", and wouldn't allow the public to adopt her.  The label also scares away rescues so this means the dog is surely going to die.

I wanted to demonstrate how quickly and how easily it was to take a dog who was a fearful, biting, lost cause, and could transform her into the docile, calm, and trusting dog she really was in LESS THAN A MINUTE.  I forced the leash on her and got her into my lap because I needed to make contact with her so she could understand that the touch of a human can be comforting.  She needed to know that not all people are abusive.

Whether she was abused by her owners or was absolutely terrified in the shelter environment did not matter to those who called her unadoptable.  The shelters are so full, there is no time for workers or officers to take a long while coaxing a dog into acting normal.  This video shows that a shelter worker can save a life by just a few simple tricks and it takes no time at all.

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